Reseeding Project

If you look carefully at the first gallery image above it shows one millimetre baby paua are the on the white surface of the tank, feeding along the edge of the growing diatoms.

As many of you know the earthquake in Kaikoura caused a massive rise along the coast North of Kaikoura, consequently most of the juvenile habitat of Paua was pushed up - some of it went up six meters, which then resulted in millions of Paua dying and most recruitment for the next several years were wiped out. We are currently working with Paua Mac 3, a group that represents Paua 3 ( Kaikoura ) Quota holders on reseeding the area.

We currently have 20 large tanks where we settled 4,000,000 swimming larvae for the area which will be released into the wild at approx. 8 months old. We are also producing larvae for releasing into the wild (a project Paua 3 have been trying to get up and running for several years).

We are doing weekly spawnings (which is seasonal) and hold larvae for nine days at which time they are ready to settle to the bottom. So far we have out planted just over 8,000,000 larvae

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